NEW FOR 2019: Show & Shine is open to ALL Off Road Vehicles & Medallion Hunts!!

St. Helen ORV Jam
St. Helen ORV Jam


Our FAQ guide is here to help!


Q: What if there are less than 3 people in my class? 

A: If there are less than 3 people in a class the event staff may choose to consolidate classes but you will still score in your original class.

Q: How is a participant scored?

A: Each participant gets 2 passes per class. The participants best of the two times is used for scoring. 

Q: Does jumping the timing light disqualify a participant?

A: No, because we are only scoring off of riders times. If the participant in the other lane jumps the timing light the timing system for their lane will start. You will be timed as well as soon as you take off. While we do not encourage Jumping the tree participants will not be disqualified if it happens. 

 Q: Is nitrous allowed at this event?

A: No, NITROUS IS NOT ALLOWED. Any ATV’s or UTV’s caught using nitrous will be immediately disqualified. 

Q:Can Jeeps Trucks & Sand Rails Participate? 

A: No, in the min mud & sand events we cannot allow them to participate because our tracks are too small to safely accommodate. However We do allow them to participate in the Show & shine & the Medallion hunts. 

Q:Are passengers allowed?

A: No.

Q: Can I enter a larger tire/Engine size class?

A: Yes with the exclusion of kids classes.  Kids classes are not not broken our by ATV, Bike or SXS so they may enter a class with a 2nd unit. They must be willing and able to manage switching vehicles and be ready to participate without  major delay.

Partcipants asking questions at the Drivers Meeting at the St Helen ORV Jam
Partcipants asking questions at the Drivers Meeting at the St Helen ORV Jam

event rules

The important stuff...


Information on Kids Classes:

- Ages 5-15 may participate in kids classes.

- Kids 5-10 are encouraged to have their DNR Certificates but are not required to have them for participation. This age group is must be on a 200cc or under atv or sxs.

- Kids 11& up must have DNR Safety Certification for participation.

- Kids 5 & under may participate in the Kids powerwheels grass drags event.

- Anyone under the age of 18 will be required to have a parent or guardian written permission to participate. (must be present)

- A parent must accompany kids into the staging area. An additional wrist band will be provided for a parent at the time of registration. 

General Event Rules & Information: 

-Nitrous will not be allowed in any events. 

-Alcohol fuels are allowed but will put you into a modified class.

-Paddle tires are allowed and NOT considered a modification. 

-Bolt on Exhaust is NOT considered a modification. 

-An example of modifications are Radiator Relocation kits, Big Bore Kits, ETC. Event staff will be inspecting vehicles at the staging line up and will make the FINAL DECISIONS on whether or not a vehicle is considered modified. There is no Modified Class for SXS’s those classes will be broken out by turbo or non turbo. In the instance of a SXS appearing to modified for the signed up class event staff may bump the participant up a class. 

-All registration forms & liability forms must be filled out completely before the start of each events drivers meeting. 

-All participants must sign a release of liability form.

-Registered participants are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages during the event. Participants unwilling to cooperate will be immediately disqualified and removed from the event. 

-This is a family event. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Any participate or spectator displaying unacceptable behavior will be disqualified from the competition and or removed from the event grounds if the behavior persists. 

-D.O.T. Approved helmets and eye protection is required for all registered participants. No open shoes, shorts or cut-offs. Helmets and goggles must be strapped on before pulling up to the line. 

-Event staff reserves the right to stop the event to rework or water the event track/pit at any time. 

-Speed limit is 5mph in staging areas and return lanes. NO ORV TRAFFIC in spectator areas in the sand events or in the vendor areas. In the main area of the event please keep vehicles on the gravel roads and off the grassy areas.

-Provided wrist bands must be worn on the riders left wrist for the entire event. Red wrist bands for mud event & green wrist bands for sand event.

-Participants in the mud event must have a hook up point at the rear of the ATV or SXS & must hook up prior to each run. Failure to stop at the designated point to unhook will cause the run to not count. 

-Participants in any events that display a failure to control their speed for the environment and or drive around barriers will be disqualified from the event. 

-Event officials have the final say and the right to change the rules. Rule changes may be made based on track conditions, number of participants, or timing issues for example. Changes to the rules will be announced as soon as possible and will be the final say. 


Download a Copy

Download a copy of the St. Helen ORV Jam F.A.Q.'s & Rules here...